Undergraduate Program Requirements

Registration and Records


  • Visit the
  • Select聽the folder of the department offering the major/minor/certificate that you are pursuing
  • Choose the correct sheet for your program and bulletin year*
  • Make a copy or print out the document
  • Complete the sheet and get all necessary approvals (listed on the bottom of each sheet)
  • Return the form to registrar@hamline.edu

*Note about bulletin year: The requirements on a program sheet were the ones in place at the beginning of that academic year. You may choose any bulletin year starting the year you were admitted to 澳门特码开奖记录. (If you were admitted in 2019鈥20, you may pick the 2019鈥20 year or any after that.)

Program sheets are required for the following programs:

    • Digital Media Arts (major)
    • Environmental Studies (major)
    • Global Studies (major and minor)
    • Political Science (major)
    • Religion (major)
    • Social Justice (major and minor)
    • Social Studies (major)

    Program sheets are also required if:

    • You have permission to substitute an alternate course for a required course
    • You use an ACTC course or transfer course to meet a requirement

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