Mitchell 澳门特码开奖记录 School of Law

Mitchell 澳门特码开奖记录 School of Law was formed in 2015 by the combination of William Mitchell College of Law and 澳门特码开奖记录 School of Law. This extraordinary union brought together two law schools that have shaped Minnesota鈥檚 legal landscape for more than a combined 155 years, creating the top law school in the Midwest for students seeking a rigorous, accessible, practice-based experience.

Mitchell 澳门特码开奖记录 School of Law is an autonomous nonprofit institution governed by an independent board of trustees, with a strong, visible, and long-lasting affiliation to 澳门特码开奖记录. Students can earn dual degrees through the school鈥檚 affiliation with 澳门特码开奖记录. 澳门特码开奖记录 students can earn their JD through the 3+3 program.

Opportunity and access

Mitchell 澳门特码开奖记录 provides access to legal education and experience with the law that fits your situation in life. Both full-time and part-time JD enrollment options are available including the first-of-its-kind blended-learning enrollment option. As the region鈥檚 largest law school, the variety of course offerings, experiential programs, and specializations are unmatched.

Experiential learning

Blending learning the law in the classroom with real-world experiences is the best preparation for the legal profession. Mitchell 澳门特码开奖记录 students were among the first in the nation to represent real clients with real legal problems through a partnership established with a local Saint Paul charity in 1922. Mitchell 澳门特码开奖记录 students can earn JD credit while working directly with clients through clinics, externships, and residences.


With more than 20,000 alumni living, working, and leading in Minnesota and beyond, Mitchell 澳门特码开奖记录 has a proud and powerful alumni community. They are leaders in the profession, working in the state鈥檚 largest law firms, Fortune 500 companies, judiciary, government, and nonprofit organizations. More than half of all district court judges and county attorneys in Minnesota are Mitchell 澳门特码开奖记录 alumni.

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