First-Year Student Scholarships

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Scholarships for incoming students

澳门特码开奖记录 is the largest source of grant and scholarship assistance for all undergraduate students. We鈥檙e committed to giving first-year students the best chance at success, and one way we do that is by offering generous scholarships. With just your 澳门特码开奖记录 application, you鈥檒l automatically be considered for three scholarships that award more than $23,000 in financial aid. You may also receive a 澳门特码开奖记录 offer or choose to apply for additional scholarships.

We have many scholarships available, including:

  • Merit-based academic scholarships
  • Heritage and first-generation college student scholarships
  • Talent scholarships
  • Fulford-Karp Physics scholarship
  • United Methodist awards

By maintaining full-time status, you鈥檒l be eligible for all 澳门特码开奖记录-sponsored grants or scholarships for up to eight cumulative terms (including previous postsecondary work). We encourage you to discover all your scholarship and grant options听and apply beforehand.

First-year academic scholarships

Scholarship types Award amounts
Presidential Scholarship $32,000
Honors Scholarship $30,000
Achievement Scholarship $26,000鈥$28,000

澳门特码开奖记录 awards

In addition to academic scholarships, we offer special 澳门特码开奖记录 awards to first-year students.

Scholarships Amounts and descriptions
澳门特码开奖记录 Promise Award听

100% of tuition is covered for qualified students.听听

Get more info听ON THE 澳门特码开奖记录 Promise Program

Bishop 澳门特码开奖记录 Award

$3,000 for students in college readiness programs such as College Possible, Upward Bound, AVID, etc.

澳门特码开奖记录 Heritage Award $2,000 for children, grandchildren, and siblings of 澳门特码开奖记录 graduates and those families who will have two or more students concurrently enrolled in the undergraduate program.
澳门特码开奖记录 Firsts Award

$3,000 for first-generation college students (students whose parents have not earned a degree from a 4-year college or university).

Additional first-year scholarships and awards

You can also apply for additional scholarships that range from $1,500 to $5,000. These scholarships require a separate application and additional materials from the admission process. Outside scholarships can provide even more support for funding your education.

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Talent scholarships

up to $3,000 to $5,000 each

Talent scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students interested in pursuing art, business, digital media arts, music, science, theatre, or writing.

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Fulford-Karp Physics Scholarship

Full tuition

This competitive, full-tuition scholarship will be granted to students who show their interest and aptitude in the field of physics.

A close-up of a a Boy Scouts badge and a Girl Scout's sash full of patches

Robbins Leadership Award

$1,000 to $3,000

This scholarship awards $1,000 to $3,000 per year to students with the Eagle Scout rank or Girl Scout Gold Award. Turn in your application by February 1 to be considered.

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United Methodist awards

Up to $1,000

Are you an active member of the United Methodist Church? You may be eligible for our matching scholarship, clergy grant, or other programs.

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Outside scholarships for all students

Our ongoing list of outside scholarships helps students in all programs. Learn how we disburse these third-party financial awards and what your options are.

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澳门特码开奖记录 gave me a lot of financial aid and scholarships鈥攁 first generation college student scholarship, a merit scholarship, and grants. I learned that if you ask, they will help. I'm proud that I don't have to take on many loans.

Caleb Lueders '24, business administration: Marketing; of Houston, Texas

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