Your Financial Aid Offer

Understanding your financial aid offer

So you鈥檝e received your financial aid offer from 澳门特码开奖记录, but you aren鈥檛 sure what it鈥檚 showing. We鈥檙e here to explain how it all works. From financial aid terms to how we disburse payments, we鈥檒l help you understand everything you need to know.

Keep in mind that your offer is available in two formats: You will receive a paper copy in the mail and can also access it electronically. Both types will show the same information. If you鈥檝e lost or misplaced your paper financial aid offer, no worries; email us at from your 澳门特码开奖记录 Gmail account to request a copy.

Financial aid terms can be complicated, so we've put together a glossary for you to reference whenever there鈥檚 a word or phrase you don't recognize. Use this glossary as a supplement to the information provided on this page.

Your financial aid offer, explained

Review our example financial aid offer for helpful tips on how to read its content. We鈥檝e highlighted important terms and phrases, explaining what each one means. If you鈥檙e having trouble with our example images, you鈥檒l find the same terms listed further down this page.

What to look for in your financial aid offer

Need an easy way to see all the terms and phrases on your offer? Use our table to quickly identify what specific words mean. For a complete list of related terminology, refer to our 听in Google Docs.

Term or phrase Explanation
Enrollment status: Full-time Full-time is 12鈥18 credits per semester. State grant recipients must be at 15+ credits each semester for full grant dollars.
Living arrangements: On campus Appears under 鈥淎ssumptions鈥 near the top of your financial aid offer. Contact financial aid if this is incorrect, as on-campus status can affect grants and estimated costs.
Grants and scholarships Gift money that does not need to be repaid. Includes all 澳门特码开奖记录, federal, and state aid available.
Grants and scholarships: 2023鈥2024 total Total gift money for the year. The column above this amount shows how dollars are split for the year.
Federal student loans Loan money in the student鈥檚 name that must be repaid with interest. Application required, but no cosigner/credit check required.
Federal student loans: 2023鈥2024 total Total student loan money for the year. The column above this amount shows how dollars are split for the year.

Estimated direct costs

Total estimated costs to be billed by 澳门特码开奖记录 for the year. Includes fees, books, and housing and food听if you鈥檙e assumed to be living on campus (based on 鈥淟iving Arrangements鈥 from the front page of your financial aid offer).
Summary of estimated costs minus aid: Owed to 澳门特码开奖记录 without loans Total estimated net cost for the year. This is direct costs minus gift money (from the first page of your financial aid offer).
Summary of estimated costs minus aid: Owed to 澳门特码开奖记录 if borrowed loans Total estimated cost for the year after borrowing student loans (from the first page of your offer).
Additional financing options: Federal/state work-study Shows your work-study eligibility. Money isn鈥檛 guaranteed and is dependent on applying for a job, being hired, and then getting paid directly for hours worked.
Additional financing options: Federal Parent PLUS or Alternative Loan Credit-based loan options. Must be credit approved to apply. Visit the website for more information and contact the Office of Financial Aid for your maximum dollar amount eligibility. The number provided is your PLUS loan or alternative loan amount eligibility for the year.

Disbursement and payment FAQs

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