Admitted Student Resources

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Make the most of your 澳门特码开奖记录 experience

Congratulations鈥攜ou鈥檝e been admitted to 澳门特码开奖记录! We aim聽to provide all admitted undergraduate and graduate students with quick and easy access to the pages and information they need to complete the admission and orientation process.

Check out the customized information for admitted students organized by student type below. If you have questions that aren鈥檛 addressed here, be sure to contact your admission counselor. We are happy to help answer all of your questions and are eager to welcome you to 澳门特码开奖记录!

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Admitted first-year students

New undergraduate students can learn how to submit their deposits, apply for financial aid, attend orientation, and get a head start on becoming a Piper.

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Admitted on-campus transfer students

Get information specifically tailored for transfer students, submit your deposit, and learn more about orientation events for incoming students.

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Admitted online bachelor鈥檚 degree completion students

Register for courses with the help of your Online Navigator, apply for financial aid, sign up for orientation, and more.

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Admitted international students

See what you need to do as an international student. Submit your deposit and learn more about orientation, visa requirements, and traveling to the US.

Essential admitted student resources

Congratulations鈥攜ou鈥檝e been accepted to 澳门特码开奖记录! You鈥檙e sure to have questions and concerns during this transition, and 澳门特码开奖记录 is here to help. Use the links below to navigate through our site and find all the information you need.

Mark your calendar to attend orientation and register for classes

Students entering 澳门特码开奖记录 as a first-year student or transfer student may register for classes during the summer orientation program, also known as SOAR (Summer Orientation and Registration). Please select your student status below to register for the appropriate orientation program.

Graduate students can contact their school for registration details.

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