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Stories from 澳门特码开奖记录 graduates

A Piper's journey is only just beginning when they earn their degree and cross the stage at commencement. Our alumni travel far and wide after graduation, forging paths and careers they couldn't have imagined when they first stepped on campus. Whether they're doing research in the Antarctic or bringing healthcare to their community in Florida, 澳门特码开奖记录 graduates make their mark wherever they land. Learn what our grads are doing with their degrees, directly from the alums themselves.

Undergraduate alumni stories

Annika Roes

From shy speaker to center stage

A communications degree took Annika Roe '22 from a hesitant public speaker to a persuasive presence in the classroom, and in her career.

Jacob Aloi 澳门特码开奖记录 Student holding a book

Connecting with community, from the airwaves to residential halls

Jacob Aloi '22 is all about telling stories, from Frogtown Radio to the hallways he mentored as a residential hall advisor.听

Aoife Zamacona 澳门特码开奖记录 Student headshot

Multitalented on the track and the classroom

Aoife Zamacona '22 does it all and makes it looks easy.听听

Image of Justice Spriggs a 澳门特码开奖记录 Alumni

To find fulfillment, this alum first had to find balance

Learn about Justice Spriggs '19, an alum who used his 澳门特码开奖记录 education to combine his enjoyment of science with his love for connecting with people.

A picture of Jessica Beamon 澳门特码开奖记录 Alumni

For this alum, success takes teamwork

Learn about Jessica Beamon '17, a student-athlete who was drawn to pharmacy because of its unique blend of chemistry, medicine, and patient care.听

澳门特码开奖记录 alumni Vassiliki Prattas headshot

A few twists of fate led this alum to her passion

Meet alum Dr. Vassiliki Prattas '16, a student-athlete who discovered an interest in optometry while studying biochemistry at 澳门特码开奖记录.

Headshot of Jonny Nguyen 澳门特码开奖记录 student

This alum knows how to plan for his future

Meet Jonny Nguyen '17, a biochemistry major who appreciated the strong guidance from professors at 澳门特码开奖记录 as he pursued a path to pharmacy.听

Selam Melka is smiling at the camera

For Selam Melka, taking risks and exploring new fields helped her find her passion

Meet Selam Melka '07, a biochemistry major who traveled from her home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to attend 澳门特码开奖记录 and pursue a path to pharmacy.

Devin Rodgers 澳门特码开奖记录 alumni headshot

Endless opportunities for a campus leader

From the admission office to the baseball field, Devin Rodgers '20 exemplified what it means to take the lead.听

Carissa Rootes

Transforming forensic science fiction into reality

Like many forensic scientists, 澳门特码开奖记录 alum Carissa Rootes' '21 interest in the field started with the drama and suspense of NCIS.

Graduate alumni stories

Brian Tolkkinen 澳门特码开奖记录 alumni headshot

Bringing a legal edge to healthcare

Meet Brian Tolkkinen MSL 鈥21, an alum who was drawn to 澳门特码开奖记录's online MSL while looking for a degree to take him to the next level in his career.

Kate Roselle is looking at the camera and smiling

澳门特码开奖记录's MBA helped Kate Roselle step into leadership

Meet Kate Roselle MBA '19, a 澳门特码开奖记录 grad who was drawn to the MBA program's affordability, cohort model, specialty tracks, and flexible schedule.

Egypt Kosloski headshot

A passion for knowledge drew Egypt Kosloski '22 back to education

听Meet Egypt Kosloski MAT '22, an alum who was drawn to the 澳门特码开奖记录 Master of Arts in Teaching program's affordability and flexible schedule.

Sarah Johnson 澳门特码开奖记录 Student is in the artic, smiling

Farthest reaches: 澳门特码开奖记录 alumna brings education to the Arctic

Meet Sarah Johnson MAEd:NSEE '16, an environmental educator who received her Master of Education in Natural Sciences and Environmental Education from 澳门特码开奖记录.

澳门特码开奖记录 student Dana Thompson

EdD candidate centers students on the margins

Meet Dana Thompson EdD '21, a 澳门特码开奖记录 grad who earned a special education administrative license through 澳门特码开奖记录's School of Education and is now working toward a Doctorate in Education (EdD).

Carlos Stewart 50 50

From a degree at 澳门特码开奖记录 to teaching next door

Virtually or in the classroom, Carlos Stewart MAT '18 shares learning wherever he goes.